Saturday, April 11, 2009

11 years ago....and now!!!

a few days before,aman pm me at ym..he ask me if want join him meet old frenz that i never seen around 10 years after we leave i agreed to joint him..aman told me that we meet at kota damansara around 9 o'clock.after office hours around 5.30 pm,i left my office went to kota damansara..well the meeting is around 9 pm but i'm lazy to go home first,so i decide to go throw to kota damansara..i meet aman and azri at pak li kopitiam kota damansara..

after 9 years, i never thinks that we can meet together small world..because after left asbkj,I'm going to teknik and some of my frenz going to mrsm and we clash there without any news.

so that night,all story bout our life at asbkj come out against..never boring story about that until now..every time we meet our old frenz,of course memories at asbkj will be topic to we talk..i think more than 1000 times....huhu...and i miss that old times too much..

where the world,first time i learns about life,friendship,independent,leaving in big town without parents around..

"11 years ago"

nostalgia is't?


a few of us attend reunion at pd..

"some of them still missing"

where r u guys?????

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